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Laser used to be a treatment people could only dream of having however, Smooth have made it a reality for us Fifers.

Since launching our first clinic on Cowdenbeath High Street in April 2021, at the end of the lockdowns, Smooth Clinic has had a positive impact on many people’s lives. So much so that we just had to share the love and expand! Our second clinic has recently opened its doors on Bonnygate, Cupar and is already proving very popular.

Laser is not all about vanity! For the last 2 years we have been encouraged and moved by our client’s stories.

The first client to make me cry was a lady who was leaving work every lunch time to go home and shave her face. The hair grew so fast that she was shaving up to 3 times each day.

Just imagine the impact this was having on her life. Days out, shopping, holidays, confidence, meeting new people. Well… she came back after her 3rd session and said she and her fiancée had booked their wedding! She was no longer shaving 3 times a day, more like every 3rd day. We continued her treatment until she felt the hair was under control and we now see her every few months for a top-up. They got hitched last year and she didn’t need to shave at all. Sadly there are still ladies out there who don’t yet know that laser is local and more affordable than you think.

Unwanted hair can have a devastating impact on many people. Ladies with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can experience unwanted hair on different areas of their bodies such as their tummy, back, chest and face.

We met a young lady a few months back with PCOS and after trying various methods of hair removal, such as waxing, shaving, creams, epilating and an over the counter IPL device she came to see us.

At her 4th session her the young ladies’ whole demeanour was completely different! She shared that the hair growth had affected her so badly that she often wondered if life was worthwhile. She told me that we had given her back her life! She felt feminine, she could look in the mirror and smile, she could wear what she wanted, she had even been on a date!  That’s the power of laser right there!

Talking of feeling feminine, can you imagine the privilege when a client who is transitioning from male to female comes in and asks you to sign papers so she can legally change her name?  It was such an emotional morning and one I’ll never forget. Laser hair removal gave her the confidence to be who she is. That’s life changing!

Its not only hairless faces that can positively impact someone’s life. Hairless bodies can be a dream come true for men and women. Wearing what you want when you want because you’re not restricted by shaving or waxing will make the summer months so much more enjoyable and comfortable. Every day someone says ‘I wish I’d done it years ago!’

We don’t only do hair removal, we also offer tattoo removal. With trends constantly changing, many people come to regret the ink that was once cool. We can remove your old ink or fade it for a coverup.

Some ink we will remove for free! We will remove radiation marks for cancer survivors. Sometimes known as memory marks, these are little black dots are left behind after radiation therapy. We are also happy to remove small racist or derogatory tattoos for free.

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